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A word from the founder

Deep expertise and experience

My methods are rooted in my 30+ years of experience not only living with a ADHD myself, but also treating patients of all ages who have ADHD.

I believe that everyone deserves a chance to harness the wonderful gift of ADHD, but too many don't have access to the best care possible. People are often undiagnosed, and under-treated. Too often ADHD is positioned as a problem, with no positives. And people don't realize that there is more than just medication to the management of ADHD. These are all the reasons
why I started this program.

I look forward to helping you thrive in life!

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell
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Our Mission

Live your BEST life!

We combine the best in evidence and experience to help you thrive.
Too many kids, teens and adults can be negatively impacted in education, career, finances and relationships, if their ADHD is not diagnosed and managed effectively.
We want to make sure that this doesn't happen to you!
Doctor With Record
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INcredible expertise

Access the program directly from this world-class expert

After treating patients for so many years, and sharing his know how in books, presentations, videos, and training sessions for healthcare providers, Dr. Hallowell decided to help many more people by harnessing the power of technology and creating this program. You get the opportunity to follow his methods and see the benefits for yourself.

In 2023, Dr. Hallowell's transformational strength-based approach was part of the award-winning documentary "The disruptors" that helps reframe our society's view of ADHD, informs on the many new treatment options available and highlights many high-profile people who harnessed their ADHD to achieve great success.

Dr. Hallowell always dreamed about developing a digital program that could reach the many who could not get to his clinic and also address the barrier of access, because of the high costs of the right assessments and treatment modalities. So he did it!
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Core values

What we do and how we do it makes a massive difference

The 4 core value pillars define who we are and guide every aspect of our mission to provide exceptional services. Our solid international reputation is the result of this commitment we make every day.

These values are the fundamental principles and beliefs that shape the decision-making, services and culture of our organization and are our promise to you.

We have gathered a team of people and partners who share our vision of a fundamentally better way to support people with ADHD.

4 core values: mission driven, unique approach based on Dr. Hallowell's work, people focused and innovative continuous improvement
Doctor With Record
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Why we are different

People with ADHD need a personalized approach

There is more and more evidence that while ADHD has a strong genetic component, it presents very differently in different people and that a one size fits all approach simply doesn't work.

By combining the decades of experience of Dr. Hallowell with the latest cutting edge innovation and digital health technology, we can bring the needed personalized approach to more people than ever.

The old way of doing things is simply not possible - there are too many people who need support, not enough trained practitioners to deliver the best standards in care and for too, many the costs are a massive barrier to overcome.

The future of how ADHD is supported is finally here!
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